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Kitchen resurface

Cabinet Joinery: The art of mortise and tenon

Cabinet Joinery

Here we take a look at common ways of joining two pieces of wood. Generally, it involves stile and rail construction which you see on cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet face frames.

Kitchen Resurface: Budget Transformation

Kitchen resurface

This Kitchen was completely transformed without having to tear out all the cabinets and mess up the floor or wall. If you’d like to know more about kitchen resurfacing check out our blog.

Budget bathroom Remodel:Design on a dime

When you want a decent bathroom, but can’t afford 10’s of thousands of dollars. This bathroom is more than just a fiberglass, linoleum budget build. It has tile, porcelain, and value.

Budget Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Transformation: 80’s Update

We started out with an outdated 80’s kitchen and brought it into the new millennium with style, comfort and character.

Kitchen Transformation

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels: A must have

When you think of a remodel, which room(s) do you think of first?

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Kitchen Remodel vs. Resurface

Kitchen Remodel vs. Resurface

Understanding the difference between kitchen remodeling and cabinet resurfacing. Know the benefits and limitations of both, and the processes involved.

Kitchen Cabinet Options

There are a few options you can choose from when it comes to cabinets: custom, pre-fab, un-assembled. The main difference being price and quality. Let me help explain the difference.

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Average Cost

Ever wonder what the average cost is for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. We’ve put together an article going over the average costs based on style, quality and budget.

Norco Kitchen Remodel

A look at a recently remodeled kitchen in Norco, Ca by your premier Inland Empire kitchen and bathroom remodeler.

Norco Kitchen Remodel

Un-Assembled Cabinets

Un-assembled cabinets come in a box ready to be assembled on site. They can be an economical option for your next kitchen, or bathroom, remodel.

Unassembled Cabinets

Rectified Porcelain Tile

Rectified porcelain tile is my preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Find out why.

Rectified Tile

Roman Bath Remodel

Palacious Romanesque Bathroom remodel

Roman Bath Remodel

Kitchen Draft Hood

Draft hood for your next kitchen remodel