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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Average Cost

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in the house. When you sit down to plan your remodeling, after you think about what it is you would like, the next thought to cross your mind is, 'what would it cost?'. Every remodel is different, because every house is different and every design is different. But we can give you several ranges that your remodel may cost depending on style and quality of work.

Let's start with kitchens. The big cost of the kitchen remodel is usually the cabinets. There are several different qualities and options of cabinets: unassembled, pre-fabricated and custom. Unassembled are generally your cheaper option, and as the name implies, they come unassembled and are assemdbled by the home owner if it's diy, but usually the installer. prefabricated cabinets are cabinets that come already built, but in only standard sizes, so depending on your kitchen layout, there is usually filler strips and a finite amount of layout options. Th last is your custom. Custom cabinets utilize the space the best, can be built in the most style and color choices, and are generally of a better quality. The cost is in goes higher respectively. You could pay up to double the cost for your cabinets if you go with custom as compared to unassembled. For the purposes of this article, we're going to only take into consideration solid surface, which ranges from $50/square foot to $70/square foot. Solid surfaces are your granites, quartz, synthetics like sile stone and recycled marble. They very according to durability, maintenance and color options. Accounting for new tile floor, tile backsplash, solid surface counters, new cabinets and appliances the average costs of a kitchen remodel for a 150 square foot are:

Most economical, lowest quality material: $9,000-$13,000

Middle of the road, pre-fab cabinets: $13,000-$20,000

High end, custom: $20,000-$35,000

Bathrooms are the next room to be remodeled, usually master bathrooms. Hall baths, or second baths, are usually a little less than master bathrooms, considering the ones usually paying the bills and bringing in the income also have the master bathroom, and they should be afforded a little extra comfort in their lives. For this, I'll estimate hall and master baths separately. Bottom of the line would be to replace the shower or bath tub with a standard size fiberglass replacement, new vanities with your big box store prefabricated cabinets and tops (usually granite or some other solid surface), changing out vinyl with tile floor, and the cheapest faucets available. Top of the line would be custom tile shower or tub with niches and porcelain tile, custom vanity and solid surface counter, nicer sinks and faucets and higher end shower faucets and valves. You higher end bathrooms will have body jets, rain heads or other upgrades.

Master Bath:

bottom of the line remodel: $5,000-$8,000

Middle of the road, some upgrade: $8,000-$12,000

higher end: $12,000-$25,000

Hall Bath:

bottom of the line:$3,000-$5,000

Middle of the Road: $5,000-$8,000

Higher end: $8,000-$15,00

All these prices are based upon California cost of labor and materials.